If you plan to purchase a firearm through an auction, catalog, private party or a dealer, they can't just send you the gun. SO, how are they going to get the firearm to you?

Here’s how it works:

Fill out THIS FORM completely, press submit. Within seconds they will have a copy of this form and our FFL. Once they receive our license, they know that we are a legitimate FFL dealer and they can ship the firearm(s) to us along with the DOJ approval letter and proof of purchase. When your firearm reaches us, we notify you. Our fee is $75.00 and the current California waiting period is 10 full days (except for law enforcement with a letter from their department).

* We DO NOT send our FFL license to individuals. We only send our license to another FFLs.

* We DO NOT accept firearms through the mail from private parties.

* All firearms MUST be sent to us through another FFL.

REMEMBER - to check the following site before purchasing: CA Roster of Certified Handguns